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         After splitting, Hau Giang determined that investment in education development is a key objective in the socio-economic development strategy. In 2006, the total investment for education over 228 billion, is expected in 2007 the investment will increase to 262 billion. The education sector has basically overcome the weaknesses: delete three classes, bamboo classrooms; Establishment of community colleges, boarding schools for ethnic minorities ...

         The targets to strive for 2012 and orientation to 2020 of the sector are also approved, such as 100% schools have toilets, fences, playgrounds; 30% of national standard schools in 2010 and strive to increase 60% by 2020; 100% community learning centers operate in communes, wards and towns.

         At the meeting, Secretary of the provincial Party Committee Nguyen Phong Quang (Honorary Chairman of the Board of Education for the 2007-2012 term), directed: Education sector should bring into full play its achievements, experience. To effectively implement the set targets; At the same time, we actively advise and recommend policies suitable to local realities in order to promote the role, support and create the best conditions for the development of provincial education.

         Congress elected the Executive Board of Education for the term 2007-2012. Vice chairman of the provincial People's Committee Trinh Quang Hung was elected chairman of the council, Bui Van Dung (director of the Department of Education and Training), Huynh Ngoc Lanh (chairman of the provincial Fatherland Front), Ly Canh (chairman of the provincial study association) elected vice president; with 30 councilors (representatives of departments - unions and businesses in the province).

         The cause of education - training, culture - society has made new progress. Hau Giang has been recognized by the Ministry of Education and Training as reaching the national standard for universal primary education at the right age and at the same time sustaining the results of lower secondary education and has implemented universal education high school.

         School enrollment increases at all levels and levels (reaching over 90% of the plan). Continuing to implement the project of solidifying schools and classrooms, the quality of teaching has been improved.

         To invest in building a community college; Ethnic boarding school; merge the Vi Thanh town technical training center into the provincial continuing education center; Establishing community study centers in communes, wards and townships; Open University.

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